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Frequently Asked Questions

O’live DNA makes checking your cancer risk simple, but you might still have questions.

An O’live DNA Analysis is different from other DNA tests. We consider a wealth of information (in addition to your whole genome) and offer highly personalized solutions. Our DNA analysis considers 2-3 generations of family genetic analysis, lifestyle data, family disease history. We provide a cancer prevention report that includes a polygenic risk score and a personalized schedule of essential tests and screenings based on your risk assessment, as well as options to contact a genetic specialist should you need to consult.

We pride ourselves on accuracy. Our standards include CLIA-certified labs process all samples. Our HLA genotyping uses proprietary algorithms to predict DNA with an accuracy level of 97.5% using a reliable and well-established platform. Our team uses the latest data and research available to make sure your tests are accurate and up to date.

You will have complete control over how your data is used throughout the entire process. Additionally, we have several privacy measures in place to ensure that your sensitive information is safe and secure. We developed the Genomic Global Positioning System (GPS) to make the process of transferring genetic data more secure. The Genomic GPS system utilizes trusted technology to convert genomic data as an unidentifiable numerical value. In the unlikely event of a data leak, your data will be unusable to anyone but O’live DNA. We will never share personal information with a third-party without your outright and explicit consent. We support all legislative efforts in place to safeguard individual genetic privacy as well as to prevent genetic discrimination. We will never provide information to employers or insurance companies. At any time, you have the option to delete all of your information, including your genetic data. No information is provided to law enforcement unless subpoenaed by a court order. Additionally, we have strict guidelines in place to protect the privacy of children as well as deceased persons.

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