O'live DNA Cookie Policy

This cookie policy (referred to as “Cookie Policy”) is meant to explain what cookies are and how O’live DNA (also referred to as “we, us”) utilizes cookies and other similar tracking technologies when you visit a website that is operated or owned by O’live DNA. These sites include any pages, websites, or content that we own or operate, and extends to our mobile applications. This content also includes interaction with marketing materials (emails) or online advertisements. These pages and content will be collectively referred to as the “Services.” We encourage all users and site visitors to read the Cookie Policy in its entirety to understand what information is collected and how O’live DNA uses that information. In this document, we will refer to web cookies, web beacons, cookies, flash cookies, and pixels collectively as either “tracking technology” or “cookies.” Additionally, users should read this Cookie Policy together with both our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy By using O’live DNA Services, you acknowledge and agree that we can use cookies and tracking technology within the terms described in this Cookie Policy. 

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are unique text files that collect small amounts of downloaded data within your browser device (for example, your mobile device or computer). This data is stored any time you use our Services or websites. Cookies are recognized by the website that created or downloaded them and can also be identified by other websites using the same cookies. This allows a website to know if the device you are using has visited the site in the past. 

Additionally, there are also “persistent cookies” and “session cookies.” A persistent cookie will remain in your browser until it expires or until you delete it. A session cookie only lasts while your browser is open and will be deleted when you shut down the browser. 

Cookies that are created or set by O’live DNA websites are called “first-party cookies.” Cookies that are set by any other website are called “third-party cookies.” A site that sets third-party cookies will be able to recognize your specific device. At the same time, you use the Services, or when you visit any other websites or applications. 

You will need to check the third party’s cookie policy to find how they use their tracking technologies and cookies on their site. Both types of cookies are generally used for tracking analytics or for marketing campaigns and advertising. 

Cookies are also responsible for collecting and processing Personal Information, as outlined in our Privacy Statement. No information collected by our cookies will be able to identify a user as an individual. 

O’live DNA treats IP addresses and other web identifiers in the manner they are prescribed by local and federal law. 

If your Personal Information is ever combined with non-Personal Information, we will treat the information as “Personal Information” for any use. You can find more about how we use Personal Information in our Privacy Statement.

2. What other tracking technology does O’live DNA use?

O’live DNA may use other technologies in addition to cookies to identify and store web-behavior. These technologies include pixels, flash cookies, and web beacons, which are used to track how our users interact with our Services.
  • Pixels: “Pixels” or “tags” can be embedded into a webpage or email to track your interactions with the page or tell when an email is opened. Pixel technology is often used in combination with traditional cookies. 
  • Web Beacons: Web beacons are also known as “clear gifs” since they are actually tiny graphics with a unique identifier. A web beacon’s function is similar to cookies. It is placed within an email or a website to collect information about the user’s interaction with the Services. Unlike cookies, this information is not stored on the user’s device or hard drive and appears invisible on the page. Beacons allow us to manage the content on our Services by testing the effectiveness of the content. O’live DNA may use beacons to collect information on pages that you open or links that are clicked within the Services. We may also use them within the Research or Donor Matching Services or communications. Collecting this information allows us to analyze and improve the effectiveness of our content and communication methods.
  • Flash Cookies: We also use what is known as “flash cookies” or “Local Shared Object.” This technology is used to collect and store information about how you use our Services. This type of cookie is usually used for videos and advertisements.

3. How does O’live DNA use cookies and other tracking technology?

Cookies and other types of tracking technology allow us to enhance processes and usability across our features, communications, and Services. They allow us to understand better how our services are being used (or not used) and will enable us to create more streamlined navigation from one page to another. They are also used for storing your personal preferences and Personal Information to create a better browsing experience for our users. 

We also use our tracking technology to better market our Services and products to individuals who are interested in them. Our Services may present a particular advertisement or product announcement to you. We think you may be interested in learning more. Cookies help us ensure you only see marketing relevant to your interests and uses on our sites. 

In addition to analytics, marketing, and research, certain cookies are necessary for privacy, security, performance, and storing preferences and settings. These cookies help to prevent fraudulent and suspicious activities on our Services, as well as to help with functionality. 

Functionality cookies are used for purposes such as remembering your ID or which items are currently in your shopping cart. These strictly necessary cookies will never track your Personal Information and are only used to enhance navigation and security on our sites. 

4. How long do the cookies stay on my device?

The amount of time that a cookie or other tracking technology will stay on your device or in your browser depends on what type of cookie it is. “Session Cookies” will only be stored on your device for the duration that your browser is open. Once you terminate your browsing session, the cookies will be removed. “Persistent Cookies” will stay on your device until they are deleted or expire. The expiration period for these cookies depends on the purpose and how O’live DNA collected them. If you wish to delete these cookies, you can refer to the methods listed below. 

5. What privacy options do I have?

O’live DNA is committed to providing our customers with the options they need to maximize their privacy. Users have a variety of options to limit or control how O’live DNA and other third-parties use cookies on their devices:

  • Manage cookies with your browser
    Managing Our Cookies (first-party):To manage our cookies, you can you the browser of your choice to enable, or disable, or even delete cookies from our site. To perform these actions, you can follow the instructions listed within your browser (this information is usually found within the “Tools,” “Edit,” or “Help” settings).Important note: If you choose to deactivate or disable cookies from your browser, you may not be able to access some sections of the Services that require cookies for security.If you are having issues adjusting your cookie settings, you can refer to the following browser links:
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Google Chrome
    4. Safari Mobile 
    5. Safari Desktop
    6. Opera Mobile
    7. Opera Desktop
  • Third-party cookies
    Third-party cookies are placed on your device when you visit other sites and can usually be managed through the browser. If you need more information about managing third-party cookies, you can visit the third-party’s website and find their cookie policy, which should detail how to remove and “opt-out” of their cookies. O’live DNA cannot manage, opt-out, or remove third-party cookies that may be on your device.
  • Opting out of analytics
    O’live DNA uses cookies, pixels, and web beacons from third parties (such as Google Analytics) to collect information about our user’s activities and estimate the effectiveness of operations and advertising campaigns. In addition to opting out of cookies and tracking, you can opt-out of the services altogether on third-party websites. If O’live DNA adds tracking analytics in the future, we will update this list to reflect those changes.

    1. Google Analytics 
  • Disable web beacons
    There are two ways in which you can avoid web beacons:
    1. Configure your email service to disable the functionality of remote images
    2. Not clicking on any links within an email

6. How does O’live DNA use social media plugins?

O’live DNA uses some social media plugins operated by third parties, such as Facebook’s “share” button. When you use these plugins, you may send information to a third party that you are viewing a O’live DNA site. If you have concerns about those third parties using your information, you can refer to their privacy policy to learn more about how they handle their data. 

7. Will this policy ever be changed or updated?

O’live DNA may update this Cookie Policy from time to time for legal, regulatory, or operational reasons. In the event of a policy change, you will be notified when you visit our Services. You can also visit this page at any time to check for changes. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at help@oliveDNA.com.

Effective Date: April 16th, 2021

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