O'live DNA Privacy Statement

At O’live DNA, we value and respect the privacy of our users, and keeping our users safe and secure is our highest priority. We handle your Personal Information with the utmost care and implement several safeguards to ensure that your data is protected. 

Our goal is to be upfront and transparent about how we handle your Personal Information that you share with us, including your DNA Data and Genetic Information. We aim to provide you clarity about how your data is stored, utilized, and shared.

1. Introduction

Our Privacy Statement was made to provide our users a better understanding of how we collect, store, use, process, share, and transfer your data and Personal Information when they are using our website or any of our products or services (collectively called “Services”). This Privacy Statement is designed to outline our controls and practices that we give to our users to manage their privacy while using our Services. It also describes all of the privacy practices that O’live DNA uses in coordination with this Statement.

2. Consent

Creating a O’live DNA account requires that you share your personal information, upload a DNA data file (to upload Genetic Information), or purchase one of our DNA testing kits. To create an account and use our Services, you must first agree to the O’live DNA Terms of Service and this Privacy Statement by either clicking “Accept” when prompted, sliding the accept button, or consenting elsewhere when prompted.

  1. By clicking “Agree,” you are telling us that you consent to O’live DNA collecting, processing, reporting on, and sharing your Personal Information as it is described within this Privacy Statement or any document referencing this Privacy Statement.
  2. If you are logging in to your account for the first time due to another person purchasing the kit as a gift or on your behalf, you will be agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement by using the Service.
  3. You can request that O’live DNA remove your information that you uploaded to your account at any point in time. This includes your Personal Information or your Genetic Information. If you’d like to make this request, contact help@oliveDNA.com.

3. The Types of Information O'live DNA Collects

Information directly related to genetic testing and information you provide to us:

  1. “Personal Information” refers to any information that is collected with the consent of the user. O’live DNA provides customized health reports for our users and requires the following personal information:
    1. “Registration Information” refers to any information that you provide about yourself when registering for the O’live DNA service and/or purchasing a O’live DNA product (e.g., name, address, email, O’live DNA ID, password, and payment information).
    2. “Self-Reported Information” refers to any information about yourself, self including personal traits, family history, disease conditions, ethnicity, or other health-related information that you provide in our surveys or other features while logged in to your O’live DNA account. No personal or self-reported information will be shared or used for research without expressed consent from the user.
    3. “Genetic Information” is any information relating to your genotype (e.g., the various As, Cs, Gs, and Ts at specific locations in your genome). This information is generated through the processing of your sample (saliva) by O’live DNA or any of its contractors (lab facilities, medical staff, genomic counselors).
  2. “Web Behavior Information” is any information collected about how you interact with the O’live DNA website (e.g., page views, domains visited, browser type). This information is collected through cookies and log files and helps to enhance the user experience.
  3. “User Content” is any information that is transmitted either publicly or privately through O’live DNA, other than your Genetic Information or Self-Reported Information. This refers to any text, data, music, photographs, messages, videos, or materials (e.g., commenting on a blog post) either privately or publicly.
  4. Communications with Customer Service: If you contact our Customer Service department or correspond with O’live DNA about our Services, we will collect information to: respond to and track your problem or query, investigate any TOS or policy breaches, and analyze and improve our customer relations.
  5. Aggregate Information: This refers to any information that has been compiled or combined with other user’s information to be assessed or analyzed as a whole. This process is to ensure that no one user is reasonably identified with this information.
  6. Pseudonymous Information: This refers to any information stripped from your Account Information or some other form of identifying data to make it more challenging to identify by the public. Instead of Personal or Account Information, we assign kit numbers and random alphanumeric sequences to distance you from your identity.

4. Information that O'live DNA Services track through web activity

  1. Web Behavior Information: This refers to information about how you use and interact with the O’live DNA website through your cookies and web files. Your cookies help our Services to identify you, provide security, evaluate our Services, collect information about demographics, determine the success of our marketing campaigns, personalize your service, and provide you with personalized offers and experiences.
  2. Mobile and Computer Device Information: This refers to specific information that we receive and store into log files. This information might include how you use or access our Services, which could consist of the web site that you visited before visiting a O’live DNA site, the page you exit from, your version of web browser, your operating system, your Internet Service Provider, your Inter Protocol Address, or what type of mobile device you use to access the site. This information is collected to improve our marketing efforts, site features, and functionality and improve our analytics.
  3. It is possible to adjust your cookies settings if you do not want us tracking your web data or behaviors. You may change your cookies settings to “Do Not Track” while using our Services or sites. 
  4. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is used to track our users’ and visitors’ metrics and perform many of the tasks listed above.
  5. Other Information: Our continuing goal is to strengthen our Services, features, applications, and products, resulting in the acquisition of data types not listed here. In that case, we will update the Privacy Statement to reflect these changes.

5. How O'live DNA Uses Your Information

While O’live DNA has built our algorithms and testing software from the ground up, it is still necessary to utilize some third-party services to make our Services seamless for our customers. O’live DNA may share your information with third parties in the following ways:

  1. O’live DNA uses your Personal Information to analyze, personalize, and improve our existing Services: These Services may include other items that are not explicitly mentioned; however, all Personal Information is used in a manner that is consistent with all policies in this Privacy Statement to:
    1. Open your O’live DNA account, process payments for O’live DNA test kits and Services, as well as to communicate with you about the Services;
    2. Process, deliver, and report your DNA testing results;
    3. Process payments, shipping, and billing information;
    4. Conduct research and development, which in some cases may include research to enhance existing products or services or to perform quality control activities;
    5. Create and dispense questionnaires or surveys to collect Additional User Information through the Services, as well as to improve and track the usage of our Services;
    6. Offer new or updated services or products through promotions or emails;
    7. Comply with government bodies and law enforcement entities;
    8. Create marketing campaigns through targeted advertisements or based on the user’s cookie settings.
  2. O’live DNA uses your Genetic Information for the following purposes:
    These Services may include other items that are not explicitly mentioned; however, all Personal Information is used in a manner that is consistent with all policies in this Privacy Statement to:
    1. Present you with helpful insights into what your DNA reveals about your personal health, wellness, traits, and disease risk based on population;
    2. Based on your Genetic Information, O’live DNA may present you with optional surveys based on your results;
    3. Examine aggregated user data and Genetic Information to understand ethnicity and population-based health and wellness further;
    4. Perform scientific and statistical research;
    5. If you so choose, compare your Genetic Information to a donor list to make a donor match;
    6. Comply with any requests from authorized representatives or law enforcement agencies in compliance with a legally issued request;
    7. Strengthen and improve our Services or existing DNA-related products’ functionality, enhancing our customer experience across all O’live DNA products, enhancing the quality of our lab processes and technology, and creating new services and products.
  3. For specific activities, you may be able to adjust your preference of how your Personal Information is used. O’live DNA will always seek additional approval for any Sensitive Information as part of your regular interaction with the Serv

7. Genomic GPS Security

O’live DNA takes the safety and security of our users seriously. That is why we use our proprietary technology, Genomic GPS to keep our customers identity, Genetic Information, and Personal information as secure as possible. 

Sensitive data, such as DNA, can be critical to understanding how our genetic makeup can contribute to our overall health and well-being as a population. However, using such data can also raise numerous privacy and personal security concerns for those involved. To make the process of transferring genetic data more secure, the Genomic Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed. 

The Genomic GPS system utilizes trusted technology to convert genomic data as an unidentifiable numerical value. It can then compare that value with existing public data without ever identifying the source. Genomic GPS technology will allow researchers to locate and share individuals’ geographical origins and perform a genomic analysis while separating private information from the process.

8. Your Options to Access Your Genetic Information

Subject to particular exceptions, our users always have the right to request access to their Personal Information. Users have permission to delete, correct, or update their information by either contacting O’live DNA or using the Services’ tools.

  1. Access to your user account: O’live DNA provides security and privacy settings that allow users to control the visibility of their personal data. You will have access to update and change personal information (such are your profile information, name, email address, etc.) that you provide to O’live DNA
  2. Assigning a beneficiary: Testers will have the right to designate a beneficiary to their account and their Genetic Information, should they become deceased. If O’live DNA is notified of a deceased account holder, the specified information will be shared with the beneficiary. If there is no beneficiary specified, the ownership may default to O’live DNA In that case, it should be released should a family member make a reasonable request.
  3. Marketing Communication Purposes: When you create an account, you agree that we might send you promotional emails regarding our Services. You will have the option to opt-out of receiving promotional emails and other notifications by going to your Notifications Preferences in your account dashboard. You will also have the opportunity to click “unsubscribe” from the promotional emails at the bottom of each one. Important note: You may not opt-out of receiving our non-promotional content such as purchase confirmations or Service-related information.
  4. Genetic Information: Your DNA and Genetic Information always belong to you. You have the right to request deletion of your genetic information as well as the destruction of your DNA sample at any time. You can do so by emailing help@oliveDNA.com.
  5. Optional Sharing of Information: At any point, you may choose to share or disclose your personal information with members of your family and/or your friends and/or other individuals outside of our Services. This might include third-party services, such as through social media networks or third-party apps connected to O’live DNA websites through application programming interfaces (APIs). These third-party sites might share and use your personal data differently than we do, as outlined by this Privacy Statement. Please make these choices carefully and always review the privacy policies of any site before sharing your Personal or Genetic Information. Once you disclose your personal information, it can be difficult to retrieve or contain. O’live DNA will have no responsibility or liability for any consequence that may arise from releasing or sharing your personal information or Genetic Data with others. It is the sole responsibility of our users to share their account access only with people they trust. Users that manage multiple profiles or accounts should use caution when selecting different profile settings.
  6. How to delete your Personal Information or close your O’live DNA account:
    1. How to delete your Personal Information: Deleting your personal information from O’live DNA can be done by contacting customer care support at help@oliveDNA.com.
    2. How to delete your Genetic Information: If you no longer wish for us to have your Genetic Information or to request the destruction of your saliva samples, please contact customer care support at help@oliveDNA.com. For sample destruction, please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.
    3. How to close your O’live DNA account: You may request at any time to close your O’live DNA account and for your DNA test results and contact information to be deleted from O’live DNA sites. To close your account, please contact customer care support at help@oliveDNA.com.
  7. O’live DNA may retain a limited amount of information necessary to prevent fraud, comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and comply with any audit that may arise and clinical, regulatory requirements.
  8. O’live DNA recognizes that every individual has the right to access any personal information that we retain about them. Any individual who reaches out to correct, delete, or amend their personal information should contact customer care support at help@olive DNA.com.

9. Contact

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or wish to submit a complaint, request, or inquiry, please email O’live DNA at help@oliveDNAcare.com, or send a letter to:

Privacy Administrator
O’live DNA 
1124 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90502
(+1) 858-888-1850

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