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— Nature communications

Accurate imputation of human leukocyte antigens with CookHLA

Here we report an accurate HLA imputation method, CookHLA, which has superior imputation accuracy compared to previous methods.

— American Journal of Human Genetics

PLEIO: a method to map and interpret pleiotropic loci with GWAS summary statistics

Identifying and interpreting pleiotropic loci is essential to understanding the shared etiology among diseases and complex traits.

— American Journal of Human Genetics

Accurate and Fast Multiple-Testing Correction in eQTL Studies

The advent of RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) and expression microarrays has allowed studies to accurately quantify expression levels of genes in humans and many model organisms.

The power of AI technology

O’live DNA has developed the patent-pending pipelines that run simultaneously to produce a high-definition genomic risk evaluation that is not only highly accurate but incredibly secure.

PRomiSe®- Polygenic Risk Scoring

PRomiSe®- Polygenic Risk Scoring

In recent years, research has shown that disease risk is not based on one single gene but is also influenced by various genes acting together. To truly understand actual disease risk, we must look at information from the whole genome.

That’s why O’live DNA uses our state-of-the-art, whole-genome PRomiSe® technology to provide a highly accurate and comprehensive analysis of what is known as your “Polygenic Risk Score,” or PRS. The PRomiSe® pipeline is a stable and robust method for calculating a PRS for multiple phenotypes simultaneously.

PREDICTion® - HLA Imputation

HLA Imputation is a way to predict with high probability the missing pieces of the HLA genome by referring to portions of SNP data. O’live DNA employs two proprietary methods of imputation:

CookHLA® is a state-of-the-art imputation method with one of the highest accuracy rates out of any other process in the world (97.5%). It works by translating multi-allelic HLA information into a set of binary markers to use a standard imputation algorithm. It then employs a one-of-a-kind imputation engine known as “BEAGLE 5.1.”

AccuHLA® expands upon the CookHLA® method by applying additional techniques to enhance the results depending on the ethnicity of data inputted. The main algorithm behind AccuHLA® imputes the HLA data with several different reference panels depending on the ethnicity of the target sample, then merges the results for a more accurate imputation.

PREDICTion® - HLA Imputation
PROTECTion®- Genomic Encryption

PROTECTion®- Genomic Encryption

While many DNA testing companies only offer one base level of encryption (AWS server-side encryption), O’live DNA encrypts the data before it is encrypted server-side, offering a double layer of consumer protection.

The Genomic Global Positioning System® (GPS) system utilizes trusted technology to convert genomic data as an unidentifiable numerical value. It can then compare that value with existing public data without ever identifying the source. Genomic GPS® technology will allow researchers to locate and share individuals’ geographical origins and perform a genomic analysis while separating private information from the process.

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