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Our advanced at-home DNA testing kits are designed to identify your cancer risk and help you take action in preventing it

Let's talk about cancer

Are you worried about your cancer risk?

If your mother has had breast cancer, you are more than twice as likely to have the disease as well.

Genetic testing is an excellent option for those with a strong family history of the disease.

Knowing your risk factors and discussing them with your healthcare providers is essential. It will support you in making better decisions about your health and well-being.

Understand your cancer risks

Genetic testing helps you estimate your risk of developing cancer during your lifetime.

Stay proactive and involved

Take an active role in managing your health before you need to take care of it.

Early detection saves lives

Cancer affects about one in three women and one in two men in the United States. The best chance of reducing these numbers is through early diagnosis and intervention.

Monitor your health and follow the plan

The personalized plan we will prepare for you will help you stay healthy.

Our test will put your mind at ease

With O'live DNA's test it's easy to put your mind at ease. Just order the kit and spit in a tube. You can discover if you have an increased risk of developing cancer and how to prevent it.

How it works

Order a test kit

You will receive our easy-to-use, at-home testing kit.

Spit in a tube

Simply provide your saliva sample, and return it in the mail. It’s that easy. No pricks, or crowded hospitals.

Find out your risks

We will analyze your sample using our patented 360° AI Assessment to identify your cancer risk level.

Benefits of O'live DNA


O'live DNA offers Intelligent Prevention

Cancer prevention is possible with access to digital health services and a genetics counselor

Who is a genetics counselor?

A genetics counselor can provide cancer prevention services in several ways. They can help individuals understand their cancer risk, including genetics’s role.

Increase your chances for a healthy life

O’live DNA looks deep into your genome to find your PRS.

PRS, or “polygenic risk score” is a number that combines your unique DNA with what we know about DNA mutations and risk. The score is used to help predict if you will get cancer or disease.

Combined with your family history, lifestyle, and environmental factors, a PRS can give you the most complete look at your genetic risk.

It's easy and affordable. One kit, one test

You get the results and health insights sent directly to you. There is no paperwork, no appointments, no waiting rooms. One test can accurately tell you if you are at risk for the most severe cancers.

O’live DNA has revolutionized the at-home DNA test.

Testing for just one type of cancer can be costly and requires dozens of tests. O’live DNA will save you time, money, and frustration. Our quick, accurate, and easy-to-use tests are even delivered right to your door and returned at your convenience.

Our science

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